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Here on you can find Royalty Free music for your multimedia project such as Youtube videos and games.

New tracks will be uploaded every week!

All the music here is royalty free. But you need to get your own license before you can use the music in your project.

All licenses here are non-exclusive licenses.

For some tracks you can get a free license. To other tracks you need to pay a one time fee to get your license.

Click on a track title for more info on how to obtain a license for that track.

After you get your license , you will receive a download link to the track as a .wav file in high quality.

All the music on Soundtrackuniverse is created by just one person in the digital audio workstation (DAW) FL Studio.

There is a lot of time and work behind the music and it costs a lot to run a site like this. You can support me in any of the ways below if you want.

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