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A time of Fire and Smoke
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Here on SoundtrackUniverse.com you find Royalty Free music for your multimedia project such as Youtube videos and games.

All the music here is royalty free. But for some tracks you need to pay a one time fee before you can use the music in a commercial project.
(Paid Games and games and videos with ads counts as commercial)
All payments go through Paypal but you can pay even without a paypal account.

Click on a button with the text "Show license info / Download" to download a track and for more information on what the track costs.

For a free track u need to add a credit text.
Credit text: Music from https://soundtrackuniverse.com

The tracks can be downloaded in 3 formats: .ogg .m4a .wav
The wav format is in best quality but is bigger in file size.

New tracks will be uploaded every week!

All tracks here at soundtrackuniverse.com are created by me. My name is Magnus Svensson and I live in Sweden. There is a lot of time and work behind the music and it costs a lot to run a site like this. You can support me in any of the ways below if you like my music.
You can also choose to pay for a free track just to show your support for soundtrackuniverse.com

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